Whitney’s Family Allegedly Wanted To Send The Goons After Singer’s Rumored Lesbian Love

We already know that the late superstar singer and actress Whitney Houston’s mom, long time ago gospel singer and 50s Elvis Presley back-up vocalist Cissy Houston, didn’t enjoy the notion of Whitney possibly having a rumored relationship that went beyond slumber parties, reciprocal toenail painting and girl talk with her longtime friend, attractive butch lesbian Robyn Crawford.

Cissy told that much to Oprah in a 2013 interview.

But come to find out, it was allegedly Whitney’s other family members, including her father, who really had the issue with Robyn, whom Whitney’s brother Gary Garland called “evil and wicked”.

No doubt, the two men despised Robyn so much and believed her to be such a negative influence on Whitney that they contemplated sending some goons her way to “scare” her.

Houston’s relationship with Robyn Crawford was the source of much tabloid speculation – were they close friends or were they lovers? Crawford does not participate in Whitney, just as she did not participate in last year’s Whitney: Can I Be Me. But in Whitney, figures close to the Houston family allege that the singer’s father hated Crawford – either due to homophobia or because she was a rival in his attempts to control Houston’s life – to the point where he contemplated hiring a thug to scare her. “He talked about it,” one associate says. “He said if he could, he would break them up, any way he can. He wanted somebody to scare her.”

“He refrained from that because you never know what the outcome is going to be when you send people like that to do something,” adds the singer’s brother, Gary Garland. “You just never know what’s gonna happen.” There’s no love lost between Garland and Crawford – he calls her “a nobody,” “an opportunist” and “a wannabe.” “I knew she was something that I didn’t want my sister to be involved with,” Garland continues. “It was evil; it was wicked.”–Rolling Stone

These are tidbits that came out of the Whitney documentary, which arrived on the big screen Friday. 

Whitney and Robyn Crawford’s relationship was long the subject of behind-the-scenes gossip, even before Whitney found major success as an entertainer.

Reportedly, stud Robyn and Whitney shared a deep connection and Robyn’s constant presence around Whitney caused friction between Whitney’s family and her husband Bobby Brown, who reportedly clashed with Robyn frequently.

Allegedly, the clashes sometimes turned physical and a source close to Whitney said Bobby sometimes would end up getting his azz whopped by Robyn when the drama kicked off.

Whitney is currently playing in theaters.

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