Tina Turner’s Son Lived Private Life, Didn’t Speak Of Famous Mom: Report

Tina Turner’s oldest son, Craig Turner, committed suicide inside his Studio City apartment on Tuesday. The 59 year old’s body was found by his sister-in-law, and Turner is said to have shot himself in the head, according to reports.

Possibly ill or depressed or both, a neighbor who spoke to RadarOnline said Craig Turner “didn’t look well” before he took his life. Its unclear what led to his suicide, and he seemed to have lived a very quiet life.

“He was a very private man. I knew him in passing,” one neighbor confessed. “I rarely saw him with anyone other than a few male friends.”

Craig reportedly maintained a small circle of friends and was not known to heavily socialize. 

He also did not discuss his famous mother, according to some who knew him.

Tina Turner remarried and relocated to Switzerland years ago, and although she and Craig reportedly kept in contact, they did not see each other face to face very often.

Craig grew up in a household in which his adopted father, Ike Turner, would regularly beat his mother. Ike adopted Craig after he and Tina married; Craig’s biological father was saxophonist Raymond Hill, who played with the Ike Turner Review. Tina birthed Craig at the age of 18.

In a 2005 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Tina admitted that the awful violence perpetrated by Ike against her may have impacted Craig the most severely:

“They saw the black eyes. Ike’s children never reacted, but my oldest son, Craig, was a very emotional kid. He’d always look down in sadness.

“One day when Ike was fighting me, Craig knocked on the door and said, ‘Mother, are you all right?’

“I thought, ‘Oh, please, don’t beat me at home.’ I didn’t want my children to hear.”

The Turner children–four males–reportedly maintained little contact with each other.

Tina Turner reportedly has provided financial assistance for her children for years; none of them has achieved anywhere near the success of their parents.

Funeral arrangements for Craig are pending.

R.I.P. Craig Raymond Turner

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