Home Of Slain Rapper Bankroll Fresh’s Mother SHOT UP; Rapper’s Cousin Injured In Attack

The home of slain rapper Bankroll Fresh’s mother was sprayed with bullets from an assault rifle overnight, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. More than a dozen shots ... Continue Reading →

Gunfire At Harpo’s Place: 7 People Shot At Nightclub That Used To Be A Barn

A South Georgia nightclub that looks like “Harpo’s Place” and was once used to store hay saw a different kind of hay being raised overnight: gunfire, and lots of ... Continue Reading →

Is Somebody Randomly Shooting At Drivers In Atlanta?

Atlanta police said the same person is behind two seemingly random shootings that took place overnight just miles away from downtown Atlanta. One driver said he was shot multiple times ... Continue Reading →

Uber Eats Driver Delivers Food, Shoots Customer DEAD

You already had to worry about certain Uber drivers violently dicking you down against your will. Now, you have to worry about them delivering you some food, and then blowing your ... Continue Reading →