Mike Epps GOES THERE: Once Again Calls Out Kevin Hart For Being Not So Funny, Kevin Throws Back A Read

Veteran comic and actor Mike Epps just went there–again. Four years after calling fellow entertainer Kevin Hart “overrated”, the ‘Friday’ legend has now ... Continue Reading →

Brandy Shades Monica, Tells ‘Essence’ Crowd “The Boy” Is HERS

Ms. Brandy “Moesha” Norwood had herself a petty party at the Essence Music Festival, according to some folks on social media. The controversy started when the 90s hitmaker ... Continue Reading →

Bette Midler Tweets “Hallelujah!” After Joe Jackson Death; Criticized Over “Homophobic” Trump/Putin “Joke”

Actress Bette Midler shocked a lot of folks last week when she tweeted her delight at the passing of Jackson Family patriarch Joe Jackson. The 72 year old Midler went even further, ... Continue Reading →

Lee Daniels To Mo’Nique: “You Blackballed Yourself, Shut Up!”

Powerhouse director and producer Lee Daniels sat down with TMZ’s Raquel Harper and discussed a couple of issues that have Daniels’ name in the news: the $2 million loan ... Continue Reading →

Damon Dash Publicly Confronted Lee Daniels Because He Says He Thought He’d Be Accused Of Using Violence

Easily angered Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash recently confronted producer/director Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert, of all places, over a defaulted $2 million loan. Dash ... Continue Reading →

Mo’Nique Throws Tyler Perry Under The Bus With Secret Audio She Claims Vindicates Her

Actress and comedienne Mo’Nique does not play with the chirren. She’s already allegedly blacklisted so has Mo decided, “The hell with it, I’ll go for broke?” That’s ... Continue Reading →

Damon Dash Wants Lee Daniels To Run Him His Bread: Confrontation at Diana Ross Show Caught On Camera

Often angry Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash pulled up on producer/director Lee Daniels at a recent event and things got testy. The two power players share a monetary history ... Continue Reading →