R. Kelly Really Recorded A Song Called “I Admit”?

R. Kelly has been accused of a list of things that are longer than Diana Ross’s longest, nappiest wig–things that are mostly related to sex. Back in 2002, a widely circulated ... Continue Reading →

Dad Of 43 Kids Found Beaten To Death

A man who fathered 43 children was found beaten to death in his Chicago apartment last weekend, according to reports. No suspects have been arrested but the sheer number of chirren ... Continue Reading →

Could You Spot An Impostor Pretending To Be Your Favorite Artist?

Could you spot a fake Beyonce, Migos, or Drake? How could you tell the difference between a fake superstar and the real deal Holyfield? As recently as 2016, folks were trying to figure ... Continue Reading →

Man Feels “Blessed” After He Gets Back The $1,300 He Lost In Publix Parking Lot

Chris Woods, a Clearwater, Florida man, thought he was SOL (S*** Out Of Luck) when he LOST the $1,300 he put in his pocket between his work cell phone and his personal cell. And he ... Continue Reading →

Woman Who Climbed Statue Of Liberty Was Allegedly Fired From Job At Battered Women’s Shelter For Being Too Rude

Yesterday was the Fourth Of July, but the real fireworks were taking place on Liberty Island in New York City. That’s where 44 year old Therese Patricia Okoumou, an immigrant ... Continue Reading →

19 Year Old Half-Nude Man Who Ran Onto Airport Tarmac Appears In Court

A 19 year old man who yesterday ran half-nude onto a runway at the world’s busiest airport, Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, appeared in court this morning, ... Continue Reading →

Florida Woman Tried To Kidnap Kids From The Beach, Attacked Pregnant Mom, Beat Dad With Stick: Report

Coochie sandwiches await 34 year old Sarah Freeman if she ends up in prison, because cops in Volusia County, Florida say she tried to abduct some kids from the beach all while possibly ... Continue Reading →