T.I. Not Phased By Trump Summit Controversy

Rap mogul T.I. is not bothered with President Donald Trump’s recent summit with Russian president Putin, which has been widely described as a debacle, among other things.

T.I. said another meeting isn’t gonna “make or break anybody, because “the worst has been done out here”.

Scores of Americans, including politicians, political commentators, celebrities and everyday Americans have spoken out, saying Trump’s meeting with Putin was a disaster that did nothing but make America look weak. At a conference, Trump apologized for U.S. intelligence efforts that uncovered Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election, in which Trump defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Besides, T.I. has other things going on in his life besides worrying about the POTUS and his antics: T.I. was recently charged with three misdemeanors related to an incident back in May when he tried to enter a gated subdivision where wife Tameka “Tiny” Harris owns a residence. However, a security guard called police, saying the rap superstar was drunk and belligerent.

It was expected that charges against T.I., who was arrested at the scene, would be dropped. But prosecutors opted to file charges. T.I. faces charges of simple assault, public drunkenness, and disorderly conduct.

The security guard who made the 911 call was reportedly fired.

T.I. also touched on a Mercedes-Benz he recently gifted to his wife, Tiny, for her birthday. T.I. said he’s gifted her many things over the 17 years they’ve been a couple:

“As long as the lady is happy”, he said.

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