STAND BY YOUR MAN? Warrant Indicates Correctional Supervisor Abandoned Job, Helped Murder Suspect Escape

It may or may not be a Bonnie and Clyde thing but a warrant for Vicky White, an assistant director of corrections for Lauderdale County, Alabama, implicates her in the escape of a man jailed on murder and other charges.

Inmate Casey White was taken by Vicky White, no apparent biological relation, to a mental health evaluation minutes away from the facility he was being housed at. But there was no evaluation scheduled, according to jail records. And now both Whites are gone.

Sheriff’s officials have said they don’t have proof of a romantic relationship between the two but have said it remains a possibility. Vicky White was reportedly preparing to retire from the sheriff’s office and had said she wanted to move to the beach. Did her sunbathing plans include a man who admitted killing a woman before later pleading not guilty?

Casey White was locked up on two counts of capital murder for the stabbing death of 58-year-old Connie Ridgeway in 2015, the US Marshals told CNN. He was already serving 75 years for charges that included home invasion and carjacking.

While it’s unclear if Vicky willingly helped Casey break out, what is clear, according to area law enforcement, is she might be in over her head dealing with the 6 foot 3, 250 pound accused woman killer–whether she willingly helped Casey White escape or if she was overwhelmed by him.

“She’s definitely in danger, willingly or not. This guy’s no one to mess with,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton said.