Somebody Ends Up Shot At Nipsey Hussle Album Release Party: Rapper Was Across Town When Violence Unfolded

An album release party for West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle ended in gunplay, with at least one person being shot in the thigh, according to TMZ.

The drama unfolded at a Los Angeles skating rink, where the celebration was taking place, when someone in the parking lot got so turnt up thay he/she started firing off a pistol.

Fans and attendees quickly panicked after hearing gunshots, fearing they were in the midst of a potential mass shooting much like the tragic murders of 17 people at a Florida high school last week.

Reportedly, the shooter got away, and not surprisingly, the victim refused to cooperate with authorities.

Nipsey Hussle, meanwhile, was safely away from the mayhem at his own event, and was instead across town, performing with his homie, fellow rapper YG, according to TMZ.

Nipsey’s social media was absent of any reference to the shooting.

“Victory Lap” is the title of Nipsey’s new album. The album dropped on Friday. Although he has released about a dozen mixtapes and appeared on a number of other artist’s songs since at least 2005, Victory Lap is Nipsey’s debut album.

Nipsey is less known for his music and more known for his drama-filled, on-again, off-again relationship with actress and Lil Wayne Baby Mama, Lauren London.

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