Somebody Call The Deacon: Bow Wow Melts Down, Threatens To Put A Contract Out On A Fan’s Lacefront

Please SnapChat the prayer warriors and members of Usher Board #3 immediately, and tell them to form a prayer circle around the tallest pole at Magic City: our beloved brother Bow Wow had a meltdown on Twitter.

The pint-sized MC and former 106 & Park host went off on an early morning Twitter tirade, in which he threatened to quit music, sell his assets, and get a job at Gamestop.

Bow also put bloggers and others on notice, letting folks know he’s at a point where he’s ready to get gangsta.

All of this nonsense started because Bow Wow is reportedly hot over a groupie snapping pics of him allegedly creeping on his girlfriend, something Bow Wow denies.

Bow Wow put the picture taker, a user named LaShone (@_itsderra) on blast. He called her “ugly” and threatened to put a contract out on her lacefront wig.

He also vowed to Cashapp all his money away today, out of frustration with the way he says he’s constantly “clowned” by bloggers and social media users.

Bow Wow tweeted he has a therapist appointment, which is probably a good thing.

This is the latest social media outburst for the sensitive Bow Wow, who is known to regularly has out his emotions on Twitter and Instagram.

Bow Wow’a newest album, Edicius, is set to drop but no release date has been announced. “YEAAHH” is one of the singles from the album.

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