Random Pix: Marlo Hampton’s “Hard Candy” Gala Dress Steals The Show As The ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ Returns For Season 14

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta jumpstarted season 14 of the Bravo-produced show last night with a mix of known and new faces–including Olympic gold winner Sanya Richards-Ross, who seems to be angling to be the new “Bone Carrier” on the show; and show OG Sheree Whitfield returns, looking a tiny bit different cosmetically, but with a plus + one, since her recently released boo is now outta the joint and on the block–but supposedly not up in Sheree’s loins since she claims she and her bae are taking a non-sexual route after a post-prison quickie.

While Kandi Burruss, Kenya Moore, and Drew Sidora had minimal to no drama, Marlo Hampton is celebrating becoming an official peach holder after years languishing as a reportedly minimally compensated “friend of the show”.

Now armed with a new peach and a new venture, “Le-Archive”, Marlo hosted a gala event where she introduced her new offering, a company she founded that apparently leases out her previously worn, old high-priced clothes to entertainment industry figures in the market for a slightly used high-priced outfit they can rent by the day. Chile…

Fellow castmate Sheree was not impressed, and said the dress looked like those old-time strawberry candies that never tasted like strawberry but can always be found for sale as the cheapest candy in any store in the ‘hood.

Twitter came to roast.

The Saint Lauren dress carried a price tag of $17,000 when it graced the runway in Paris in 2018. But it’s a dead ringer to that hard candy Sheree was talking about.

The Real Housewives Of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 P.M. on the Bravo network.