Papa John’s Founder Used N-Word, Referenced Blacks And Kentucky Fried Chicken

Once-again, already-disgraced Papa John’s Pizza founder John Schnatter is out here looking like the Grand Dragon: he’s now been forced to apologize for using the N-word.

In a conference call, Schnatter reportedly bemoaned the fact that “Colonel Sanders called Blacks n******”, and didn’t have to answer for it.

Schnatter evidently was comparing that to the bad press he got for opposing Obamacare for his employees, and for vocally criticizing kneeling Black NFL players. Many attributed his moves to a barely-hidden racist mentality.

Colonel Sanders founded the Kentucky Fried Chicken company. 

The incident occurred in May but is only now going public.

Schnatter quickly became a trending topic, with many thousands of people taking to Twitter to trash both Schnatter and his pizza–with promises to eat elsewhere.

Sadly, its Papa Johns employees who will suffer the brunt of the coming steep decline of Schnatter’s pizza profits. He himself is a billionaire, but virtually none of his employees are pushing Bentleys.

According to CNBC, Papa John’s stock was already down 13 percent so far this year while Domino’s shares are up 48.5 percent.

And Pizza Hut and Uber Eats are also driving even more sales away from Papa John’s. 

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