Omarosa Still Not Spilling Any Real Tea, But Is Still Talking About Trump White House

Celebrity reality show contestant and former government salary collector Omarosa visited The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and once again took up camera time but failed to spill any meaningful tea.

Days after being eliminated on Celebrity Big Brother, Omarosa is still making her press rounds and hinting at what she has described as some awful calamity being hidden from public view that is an ongoing feature of Trump’s lily white White House, where she collected a six figure government salary for doing nothing that anybody can describe.

“The White House that I worked in…that Trump administration…it was troubling…it was very difficult”, Omarosa said for the ten millionth time, describing a sense of “oppression” while working there.

I’m so surprised.

She also explained her comment that the place felt like a plantation.

Of course, its unclear why she thought working for Donald Trump in the White House would not feel like the closest possible thing to working on a plantation?

Let’s keep it 100. Omarosa is not throwing any dirt, so I don’t think I need to listento her anymore. Nobody cares about her feelings or her take on Trump: her ass knew what she was getting herself into way before she got fired. We wanna know who fucked or is fucking who; who called her the N-word; and who is misusing government funds.

Nobody cares about your views on immigration and the Middle East, Ms. Thing.

“We’ll have to wait and see”, Omarosa told Colbert when asked if America is gonna survive Trump.

In the meantime, Girl, Bye. Write the book, spill the tea, or please just STFU.

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