LeSean McCoy Hires Prominent Atlanta Attorney; His Mom Speaks: “I Know He Didn’t Do It”

Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy is looking all kinds of crazy after he was implicated in a violent home invasion assault at his own home where his estranged girlfriend–whom he was trying to evict–was viciously beaten and robbed.

What’s worse is Delicia Cordon told investigators that the items taken in the attack were specific jewelry-related items she claims McCoy had given her but had demanded she return.

McCoy was in Miami during the incident, which sent Cordon to the hospital. Though her face was pummeled, she was treated and released.

With criminal accusations flying, and media discussing the case 24/7, McCoy has now hired Atlanta attorney Don Samuel of Garland, Samuel & Loeb, to represent him.

Samuel recently represented Atlanta attorney Tex McIver, who was charged with shooting his wife to death.

McIiver was convicted and sentenced to life.

But Samuel did successfully represent retired Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis (photo: left), who was charged with a double killing in Atlanta in 2000.

Cordon’s lawyers from the Tanya Mitchell Graham law firm told 11 Alive News that the attackers entered the home “with no forced entry”.

Neighbors said drastic violence in the typically quiet, upscale Milton neighborhood is uncommon.

Cordon was previously involved with Michael Vick’s brother, Marcus Vick. The two share a child but fell out publicly on social media after Marcus accused Cordon of having herpes that Vick claimed she got from McCoy.

Both McCoy and Cordon denied having the herpes virus, which has no cure.

McCoy’s mother told NBC 10 in Philadelphia that her son is incapable of such a violent undertaking.

“As a woman I feel bad for her, that somebody would do that,” she said. “But I know he didn’t do it.”

Cordon is reportedly pushing for criminal charges and a civil suit against McCoy as well.

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