Khia Denies Being Homophobic, Says She Was A Drag Queen In Previous Life

Khia and TS Madison are getting attention and buzz that Love And Hip Hop, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and just about everything else on TV wish they had right about now.

The show is in limbo and even the drama surrounding that is at the top of the urban news food chain. The show is lit.

But recent comments made by the co-stars of the popular web series, The Queens Court, has put the online version of the show on pause while the two continue to collaborate on a live show for audiences in various cities, meeting their contractual obligations–and getting nice chunks of on the spot cash for their effort.

But Khia in particular has faced criticism for comments she made about the LGBT community–which has long supported Khia, and which in turn assumed Khia supported in return.

In a recent video taken during Khia’s new solo web show, “Gag Order”, Khia commented that “conscious brothas” questioned why she was mingling so closely with trans and gay individuals who “ain’t living right”.

Khia has for years maintained friendships with gay men and for some time had been viewed as supportive of the LGBT community. Gays in return adore Khia for her bold, hardcore and hilariously loud personality.

But Khia said in the video she told those so-called conscious brothas that it was “business” when dealing with gays, point blank period, a comment many found offensive.

The next day, though, Khia tried to reassure the gay portion of her resurging fan base that she is not homophobic, even going so far as to joke she was a “messy sissy” and a drag queen in her previous life.

That was cute and funny but then she went a step further and said that she “changed her life for The Lord”, and was bestowed with a pussy in this life.


Look, I have met Khia a few times, and we know a few of the same people. I like Khia’s personality, and I never got a homophobic vibe from her at all. I don’t think she’s that way. But what I do think is she needs a good, gay friend to sit down and tell her why certain comments can be hurtful to members of the LGBT community.

Keep it 100, Khia, and don’t alienate your most loyal fan base. That’s not a winning strategy in 2018 sweetie pie.

The Queens Court is reportedly in talks to make it to broadcast television in 2019. Khia has reportedly said she won’t participate in anything aside from a live show unless there is an ironclad TV contract in place and major network production in place.

TS Madison, meanwhile, has said she is on instant standby and is ready to work whenever she says Khia stops trashing her on YouTube.


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