Kanye West Rushed To Hospital Over “Flu”

Rap superstar and Trump hype man Kanye West had to be rushed to the hospital over a case of the “flu” Sunday, according to TMZ.

Kanye West got an assist from his wife Sunday after he was feeling like crap … so much so he beeline it for the ER.

Kim was right by Kanye’s side as they showed up at West Hills Hospital in the San Fernando Valley. We’re told Kanye had the flu and it got worse and worse, so he needed some Rx to make him feel better.

They were only there a short time … and returned home where Kanye could rest.–TMZ

Kanye’s fans were deeply concerned over the news–especially since flu season ended over two months ago.

Evidently, Kim was so worried and in such a rush to get Yeezy to the hospital that she stormed out of the house without her trademark piles of make-up–and she also left her detachable hips and prosthetic butt at home too.

Some fans feared Kanye was once again in the throes of a mental breakdown. Others worried Kanye may have improperly digested or took too much of…something.

But Kanye walked out of the hospital on his own accord with wifey right along with him.

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