Jewelry In Home Invasion Was Loaned To LeSean McCoy; Player Told Cops He Feared Being Accused Of “False Abuse” Accusations

The already bizarre home invasion/assault case in which NFL player LeSean McCoy’s estranged girlfriend Delicia Cordon said she was robbed, severely attacked, and locked inside a bathroom has a new twist: the jewelry that Cordon said the robber demanded was loaned to McCoy, according to WSB-TV.

During one of three visits police paid to the home at the summoning of Cordon, a report of the incident says McCoy told cops in 2017 that Cordon refused to hand over some pricey, loaned jewelry items that he had asked her to give back to him.

“He went on to advise us that jewelers often times loan them high end jewelry and items to wear for events,” the report said. “He stated that Cordon had some of these jewelry items and had not returned them. He stated he has asked her multiple times for them, but she has not returned them.”–WSB-TV

After the attack, Cordon told police that the lone intruder, who invaded the home without forcibly entering, specifically demanded the jewelry items. 

McCoy was in Miami during the violent incident, which left Cordon briefly hospitalized with a bruised, battered and bloodied face.

Jewelers often lend celebrities high-priced, heavily insured jewels to wear for video shoots, extravaganzas, or other high-profile social events, in exchange for promotion or referral sales. 

Sometimes, the items can exceed 6 figures in value.

The crime has captivated the attention of social and news media ever since Delicia Cordon’s pummeled face was plastered on Instagram by her best friend, who included a caption that accused McCoy of being the responsible party.

Cordon has called the police at least 3 times to the residence since last year, but no arrests were ever made. Cordon and McCoy reportedly had at least one argument that a 911 dispatcher reported sounded “heated”, but when officers arrived, they said there was no evidence of violence, and both McCoy and Cordon said things “had been worked out”.

Cordon’s lawyer also said her client has never accused McCoy of abuse. The lawyer said she couldn’t speak for Cordon’s best friend, who made the initial allegation linking McCoy to the crime, which has resulted in waves of negative publicity for the player, and dual investigations by his team, the Buffalo Bills, and the NFL.

But during one of those police visits in 2017, McCoy told cops he feared Cordon was capable of making up false domestic abuse allegations against him, according to a report.

LeSean McCoy has not been charged with anything related to the investigation. He recently hired a high-powered Atlanta attorney to represent him.

McCoy had reportedly been seeking to evict Cordon from the home for months: On the day of the crime, the two were actually set to square off in a Fulton county courtroom.

Milton police have not identified any suspects. Reportedly, McCoy had removed cameras from the home, and had changed the alarm system codes to spite Cordon months before the incident occurred.

Police have termed the crime a “targeted home invasion”, and the investigation is ongoing.

But head-scratching details are causing some to give a side eye to not only McCoy, but the victim in the crime as well. Says WSB-TV legal analyst Esther Panitch, who is also an Atlanta attorney:

“Ms. Cordon has a documented history of calling the police over non-life-threatening matters. This documentation, combined with the timing of the eviction hearing and the alleged assault, only adds more questions as to motive,” she said on WSB-TV. “Notwithstanding any of these concerns, true victims of violence need to be heard.”

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