Fergie Tries To Serve Billie Holiday, But Ends Up Sounding Like Billy Graham: Twitter Goes In On Her

“Every Man Wants A Woman!” (Kandi voice). Who doesn’t love some Fergie? But the former Black Eyed Peas frontwoman knows damn well she was wrong as hell’s backyard for that awkward, unusual, and wounded-mule sounding vocal performance she delivered at Sunday night’s NBA All-Star Game.

The whole thing started off awful and Fergie must have known it: it took no time for her to move away from taking a stab at a powerhouse vocal performance that was not meant to be, and instead going into full-on damage control, in the hope of avoiding a night of relentless and haunting memes.

So she then tried to get all Sookie-Sookie with it, adapting a sultry, sexy, Billie Holiday-ish sensuality that sounded and looked less like Billie Holiday–and more like Billy Graham.

Pink had the flu during her NFL performance. I hope likewise Fergie can come up with some sort of illness to blame this debacle on.

Some of the celebs in attendance looked stunned. Chance The Rapper didn’t even try to control himself, and was recorded live on camera in full-on laugh mode.

Twitter immediately went to roasting Fergie:

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