Family Says Cops Called On Them At Subway Because They’re Black

We’ve already heard about cops being called for Barbecuing While Black, Selling Bottled Water While Black, and most recently, for Cutting Grass While Black.

And now we have Eating At Subway While Black?

A family of seven returning from a visit with relatives in south Georgia stopped to a Subway sandwich shop in Coweta county, a suburb 25 miles south of Atlanta. That might have been a bad idea because soon the cops showed up.

The family’s suspected crime: besides being Black and taking an hour to eat their lunch, they were accused of going to the restroom too many times.

This is what the restaurant employee said on a 911 call:

“I need somebody to come through here please, ASAP. Now,” the employee said.

“There’s about eight people in a van, and they’ve been in the store for about an hour. They keep going back and forth to the bathrooms by my back door.”

The employee claimed she feared a robbery by the man, his wife, and their small children and their 20-something auntie was about to go down.

Felicia and Othniel Dobson and their children, ages 8, 12, 13, and 19, along with Felicia’s sister, a 24 year old recent university grad were surprised to see a cop show up on account of them.

The Newnan police officer apologized to the family, and said the employee had been robbed before. Definitely a lame excuse for this mess.

“I don’t think she ever felt threatened,” Mr. Dobson said. “We can’t change our skin color. I have great kids. I have a great family.”

Th restaurant’s owner, anxious over the wave of unwanted press and social media criticism coming his way, released a statement to Channel 2 Action News:

“I take this very seriously, and I am fully investigating. I have also used this opportunity to reiterate to my staff the importance of making everyone feel welcome.”

No word on whether or not the Dobsons will seek legal action.

Incidents such as this one have been on the rise in the U.S..

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