Diddy Takes Up For Revolt CEO Accused Of Racism

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire?

Well, Revolt TV CEO Roma Khanna has more smoke around her concerning allegations of racism than you’d find at a hookah bar in New Orleans. 

Right now, it’s a “she-said, she-said” matter, written in letter form by an “ex-employee”, so keep that in mind.

But…the she-said part is alarming.

According to reports, Revolt TV CEO Roma Khanna has issues with Black women. “I’ve witnessed Roma say that black women intimidate her,” wrote that ex-employee to the network’s Board.

The employee decided to expose Roma, she wrote, “from a place of genuine concern on behalf of myself, as a young, educated black woman, for the people currently employed at Revolt who are fearful of losing their jobs, and in an attempt to preserve the reputation and perception of this company.”

Revolt TV is a Black-owned TV network–one of only two, yes two, that are currently operating in the U.S.; the other being TV One. With a slogan that says its “Unapologetically Hip Hop”, the network takes strides to be culturally inclusive but the fact that its Black-owned can’t be overstated.

Now how do you jibe that with accusations that the network’s head honcho allegedly feels threatened by Black women?

Oh, and there’s some more.

During a company brainstorming session, an idea was tossed out to invite formerly incarcerated Philly rapper Meek Mill to discuss prison reform. Allegedly, Roma had a different perspective.

‘Maybe the conversation isn’t about prison reform, maybe it’s about how to stay out of jail, black boy.'”, Roma is alleged to have said during the session.

The ex-employee claims she took issue with the “boy” comment about a grown ass Black man to which she says Roma replied, ‘Maybe that’s it . . . Maybe it’s a conversation on how not to be black.’ ”

Roma’s cost-cutting measures also got a mention:

“Roma let 30 percent of the Revolt staff go for restructuring, and 99 percent [of those] are African-American.”

Diddy swiftly came to Roma’s defense, and released this statement saying she’s not going anywhere–“at this time”:

“This story is inaccurate. We are a black-owned and-operated network and we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination of any kind. Revolt is led by a woman of color who is expected to uphold the same standards that I hold for all of my companies. After an extensive review led by outside counsel, there were no findings of deliberate misconduct. At this time, Roma Khanna will remain as CEO of Revolt.”–Diddy

Concerning the staff cuts: “Any suggestion that any company of mine negatively targets African-Americans is absurd and offensive.”

Revolt TV is based in Los Angeles and launched by Diddy in 2013.

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