Days After Wearing Patti LaBelle Wig To BET Awards, Lakeith Stanfield Apologizes Over Latest Publicity Stunt


Atlanta star Lakeith Stanfield recorded, then uploaded to the web, then deleted, a homophobic rap which drew condemnation that he then issued a heartfelt apology over it–all in a matter of a few days.

During that time period, he also appeared at the BET Awards wearing one of Patti LaBelle’s old wigs that she thought she had left out on the curb for Goodwill.

But back to the publicity stunt anti-gay song. Stanfield wanted to make sure people knew the song was controversial, thus he captioned it: “Offensive freestyle…not for the easily offended”.

And since it was offensive, people became offended. And then Stanfield offered an apology saying the rap he had put so much time and effort into recording and uploading and bringing attention to wasn’t how he felt because, of course, he says he’s “never been homophobic” on his Instagram page.

So, in 2018, Stanfield wants us to believe he unintentionally recorded a homophobic song that he intentionally brought attention to only to apologize for it after the controversy garnered tons of publicity attention?

By the way, Stanfield has a new movie coming out next week. Wink, wink.

Do the math.


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