Damon Dash Wants Lee Daniels To Run Him His Bread: Confrontation at Diana Ross Show Caught On Camera

Often angry Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash pulled up on producer/director Lee Daniels at a recent event and things got testy.

The two power players share a monetary history that has given way to what is clearly some bad blood: Dash reportedly invested $2 million into a 2004 film production helmed by Daniels, in his pre-Precious days, that Dash claim was never repaid.

Well that film, entitled The Woodsman, flopped.

And so did a follow-up Daniels film.

But with money tied in, Dash claimed he still believed in Daniels, and so he says he convinced stars like Mariah Carey and Kanye West to lend their talents in support of Daniels’ projects.

For his effort, Dash claims he got stiffed by Daniels.

A lawsuit was filed and later settled in 2015, with an agreement the two would “work together” on coming projects.

That appears to not have happened.

Reportedly, Dash now wants to cash in since Daniels’ star has risen: Daniels has over the years found massive success with mega-successful, Black-centric films such as Precious, The Butler, and of course Empire.

According to reports, Dash believes he’s entitled to a cut from ALL of Daniels’ projects, with substantial interest, since he never got paid back for the first one.

I straight up loaned this dude Lee Daniels @theoriginalbigdaddy 2 million to pay for his dream of being a director…it was the money I was using to fund my movies and stay Indy…he promised I get my money back in months…then he makes precious and goes missing so he doesn’t have to pay me…then then Butler…empire…same shit Why does this dude feel like he doesn’t have to pay me?…why do I have to look crazy to get my money back…or go to court…ask @theoriginalbigdaddy why he doesn’t feel like he has to pay me even though he has it…what type of shit is this.. #paywhatyouowe I’m going to put this whole thing on my ig tv in a few… true definition of a culture vulture @culturevultures_book …eats off the culture but Robs the culture at the same time… see you back in court Lee your gonna pay me what you owe…please everyone ask him way he doesn’t think he has to pay me… @tmz_tv @vanlathan @theshaderoom @deadline @worldstar @voguemagazine @people @pagesix @oprah @halleberry

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Daniels looked uneasy with the bald-headed, angry Dash all up in his grill. Dash is known as a person who likes to put people in their place with vicious tongue lashings and Daniels seemed to demur, totally uninterested in turning the situation into a spectacle–or an assault.

14 years in and counting, this is likely to continue to bare headline-making drama. Daniels might need to call in Madea for back-up.

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