Damon Dash Publicly Confronted Lee Daniels Because He Says He Thought He’d Be Accused Of Using Violence

Easily angered Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Damon Dash recently confronted producer/director Lee Daniels at a Diana Ross concert, of all places, over a defaulted $2 million loan.

Dash says he loaned Daniels the money to produce a 2004 film that later flopped.

Although Dash says Daniels agreed to repay the loan, Dash says Daniels hasn’t done so, even though Daniels presumably has the cash since he’s been putting out hit movies since then.

So Dash stepped to Daniels in public, on tape, and face-to-face about his bread. The footage quickly went viral.

Dash says the reason he pulled up so publicly is so he wouldn’t later be accused of using violence against Daniels.

“We’ve gone to court about it, and I haven’t really had the pleasure of having a face-to-face with him in about a decade”, Dash said in an interview with Power 106 yesterday.

He continued, “So I ran into him and I made sure that he couldn’t say I wasn’t doing anything violent. I just wanted an explanation as to why he thinks he doesn’t have to pay me back and what about our relationship justifies that, because we never had a fallout.”

Dash recently hit Daniels with a $5 million lawsuit.

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