Cops Apprehend Man In Savage Murder of Nia Wilson; Killing Is Suspected White Supremacist Crime

A man accused of slitting 18 year old Nia Wilson’s throat, who died, and stabbing her sister, Letifah Wilson, 26 (who survived), in the neck, at an Oakland public transit station has been caught: 27-year-old John Lee Cowell faces a number of charges, including murder and attempted murder.

Cowell’s shocking and unprovoked attack on the two women has been labeled a racist attack perpetrated by a White supremacist; the Wilson sisters are Black; Cowell is White.

Police have declined to label the attacks a hate crime, however, a police spokesman said that racism can’t be ruled out.

Nia Wilson was an aspiring rapper and a crowd of supporters who organized a rally demanding justice over her killing bumped one of her songs there.

Singer and Oakland native Kehlani and rapper Cardi B. added their voices to the growing chorus of people demanding justice for both Nia and Letifah. Kehlani also criticized Oakland police for not moving quicker to catch the homicidal Cowell sooner:

Sadly, according to her mother, Alicia Grayson, Nia was fearful of riding BART, Oakland’s transit system, because of the routine violence that is commonplace there.

“She was scared of the BART,” Grayson told the East Bay Times. “Now I see why.”


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