Conviction Overturned For Alleged Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooter

The man who was convicted of allegedly firing multiple rounds at Lil Wayne’s tour bus in 2015 will get a new trial, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The Georgia Supreme Court has REVERSED Jimmy Winfrey’s conviction because, the Court said, a Cobb County judge acted improperly when she reportedly threatened to drop a truckload of time on Winfrey if he didn’t accept a plea agreement offered by prosecutors.

Winfrey–who is not known to be related to Oprah–then took the deal and was sentenced to 10 years in state prison.

The judge was wrong, the Supreme Court said, and now Winfrey’s case starts all over again.

Winfrey–who goes by the name Peewee Roscoe–worked as a tour manager for Cash Money CEO Birdman at the time of the incident, when he allegedly pulled up on and then fired several rounds at Wayne’s tour bus.

No one was injured.

At the time, Birdman was beefing with Wayne, and so was Atlanta rapper Young Thug.

Speculation quickly mounted over whether anyone else may have been behind the shooting, but only Winfrey was charged in connection with it.

Cobb county cops quickly ID’d Winfrey and he was jailed on multiple felony charges.

The new ruling means Winfrey can seek a new trial or enter into a new plea agreement, most likely with a newly reassigned judge.

He could still end up serving some years behind bars, but Winfrey’s lawyer, Steven Sadow, said Winfrey was elated at the news his conviction was overturned anyway.

“There was a little screaming of joy, but it was a little difficult to tell over the telephone,” Sadow said.

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