Chris Brown Arrested On Warrant Right After Palm Beach Show

Often troubled superstar singer Chris Brown has a handsome new mug shot to add to his ever-expanding collection of them, courtesy of Palm Beach county deputies, who were waiting to put Brown in handcuffs as soon as he finished a show in Palm Beach, according to reports.

Brown, 29, had just said goodbye to the crowd when he was escorted to a waiting paddy wagon. The charge: felony battery. 

Brown was arrested on a warrant from Hillsborough county that charges him with allegedly assaulting a photographer at Club Aja in Tampa.

The photographer told police that he had been hired to take photographs at the club but Brown didn’t seem in the mood to have his picture taken. The photog said he tried to explain to Brown that he was just doing his job when he claims Brown came closer, took a fighting stance, then punched him.

Brown is scheduled to perform in Tampa tonight, ironically.

Brown is well-known for putting his paws on people, just ask ex-girlfriend Rihanna, who Brown infamously clobbered in 2009.

In fact, Brown has allegedly attacked so many people that it could fill this whole page. Point made: he’ll put his paws on people.

Meanwhile, he’s taken so many of these mug shots that he doesn’t even bother to smile for them anymore.

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