Charlamagne Tha God And Wife Address Rape Controversy As ’01 Victim Goes To Court

Radio super-jock Charlamagne The God is used to putting famous people on the spot but lately, as the controversy surrounding an alleged 2001 sexual assault resurfaces, its Tha God himself who is catching heat.

A South Carolina woman, Jessica Reid, accused Charlamagne, legal name Lenard Larry McKelvey, of giving her a beverage that “tasted like soda” and then sexually assaulting her in 2001 while she was allegedly intoxicated from the brew. Reid was 15 years old at the time; Charlamagne was 22.

A plea was reached that closed the case and Charlamagne was allowed to plea to a lesser charge of Contributing To The Delinquency Of A Minor.

But Reid, now 32, wants the case reopened, saying she never got “closure” from what she described as molestation. She recently filed a motion to have South Carolina’s Supreme Court reopen the case after the local prosecutor, citing state law, declined to do so.

Charlemagne has faced criticisms over comments he made about date rape in the past: the popular jock has said that “a lot of things” guys did in another era are now considered rape although such acts were perhaps not considered rape back then, such as in 2001, the era in which Reid alleges Charlamagne raped her.

In a 2013 interview, Charlamagne claimed his first sexual encounter with his wife, Jessica Gadsden, was basically date rape.

‘I’m married to my wife. Me and my wife dated for a whole year, she would not give me no pussy. ‘Me and my wife hung out one Saturday night and she got sloppy drunk and passed out in my momma’s house and I got that p****. ‘She was f*cking me back and all that but she was really drunk. I asked her yesterday, “Yo, did I rape you the first time we ever had sex?” And she goes, “I mean in hindsight, yeah…”’

But Gadsden, now aware that her husband and his hefty paycheck are under siege, said she doesn’t consider the incident “rape”.

She then detailed a romantic encounter that was a lot different from the drunken sticking that her hubby had previously described. 

By the way, the call-in theme for yesterday’s show was, “Is Drunk Sex Consensual?”.

That question was posed by Charlemagne.

Its unclear if Reid’s effort to have the 2001 case reopened will succeed. Its also unclear what impact the growing controversy will have on Charlamagne’s career; however, an online petition was created to pressure Charlamagne’s employer, iHeart Media, to oust the DJ. The petition set a goal of 20,000 signatures.

So far, over 19,000 people have signed on.

Take a listen at Charlamagne and his wife on the air and, further below, check out Charlamagne apologizing for the way he has handled issues surrounding rape accusations, including his own.

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