What’s Goin On: Marvin Gaye’s Family Says HOLD UP On Dr. Dre Film About Late Singer

The son of the late Soul superstar Marvin Gaye wants the public to know that rap legend Dr. Dre spoke too fast when he announced that he was moving forward with a film based on the ... Continue Reading →

Roseanne-less Spinoff To Return To TV

A spinoff from ABC’s Roseanne sitcom–which was popular with a mass of Trump voters–will debut on TV in the Fall, according to reports. The news comes after fans of ... Continue Reading →

Ne Ne Leakes Wants Half The “ATL Housewives” Gone, But Wants A Peach For BFF and Box Cutter-Carrier Marlo Hampton

Ne Ne Leakes sometimes sounds like she’s contradicting herself, but one thing she’s clear about right now: half of the ladies who appear with her on The Real Housewives ... Continue Reading →

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Mo’Nique Is To Blame For Her Own Blacklisting

Monique is starting to wear me out with this “I Hate Netflix So Let’s ALL Boycott” mess. You can’t help but feel sorry for her but…DAMN. I’m so ... Continue Reading →

Is Somebody Randomly Shooting At Drivers In Atlanta?

Atlanta police said the same person is behind two seemingly random shootings that took place overnight just miles away from downtown Atlanta. One driver said he was shot multiple times ... Continue Reading →