Kylie Jenner Is One Of Forbes’ Richest “Self-Made” Women

Kylie Jenner covers this month’s Forbes Magazine and she’s on it for one big rea$on: the 20 year old Kardashian kiddie is set to become the youngest person to ever reach ... Continue Reading →

Amazon Criticized For Making Money Off Sales Of White Supremacist Items

Online retail giant Amazon is making big money off sales of various confederate, nazi and white supremacist-themed items, event though such things violate the company’s own terms ... Continue Reading →

Supporters Of Legalized Marijuana Brace For New Supreme Court Pick

Just like supporters of voting rights, abortion rights, LGBT rights, and Affirmative Action, supporters of the push to make marijuana legal across the country are waiting on July 9–that’s ... Continue Reading →

Tyra Banks Gets BANK: Flips House She Purchased Two Years Ago, Pockets $1.5 Million Profit

‘America’s Next Top Model’ boss Tyra Banks just walked away from a home she bought two years ago with a cute bag: a $1.5 million profit. The model and TV personality ... Continue Reading →

Fans In Cleveland Pissed Off and Devastated By LeBron Leaving AGAIN; Massive Banner Honoring Him To Be Removed

Yesterday, fans in Cleveland were devastated by the news that their savior, LeBron James, was once again leaving Cleveland–this time for the sunny hills of Los Angeles. James ... Continue Reading →

End Of An Era: Toys R Us To Close Remaining Stores Today

“I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R Us kid!” Ummm, not anymore: The one-time top toy retailer in the nation is closing ALL of its doors today, according to ... Continue Reading →

T.I. Plans To Boycott NFL and Atlanta’s 2019 Super Bowl?

Rap superstar and ATLien T.I. says he will not support next year’s Super Bowl, which will be hosted here in Atlanta. In an interview with Jemele Hill at the BET Experience this ... Continue Reading →

First Lady Wears This Jacket To The Border, Breaks The Internet

A day after her husband, President Donald Trump, signed legislation ending the much-reported separation of immigrant children–even babies–from their parents at the Mexican ... Continue Reading →

Kim Kardashian-West Returns To Paris: Its First Visit For Her Since Violent 2016 Robbery

Viva La Paris. Kim Kardashian-West, socialite and internationally known baby mama, made a triumphant return to Paris, France–site of a 2016 armed robbery in which the married ... Continue Reading →

Janet Jackson: “I Wasn’t Happy With The Way I Looked”

Beloved singer Janet Jackson covers Essence Magazine’s first-ever “Happiness” issue, which hits newsstands tomorrow. In it, the Pop superstar penned a personal essay ... Continue Reading →

South Carolina Is Coming For Your Drawers: State Moves To Criminalize “Sagging Pants”

The State of South Carolina wants you to pull up your pants. And if you don’t, then they wanna get in your back pocket. Some South Carolina legislators are pushing a proposal ... Continue Reading →