Atlanta Falcons DROP Papa John’s; Pizza Chain Removes Founder’s Image From Ads

The Atlanta Falcons and Atlanta United have cut ties with besieged pizza chain Papa John’s over racist comments made by its disgraced founder, John Schnatter.

Over the last 24 hours, Major League Baseball said it would suspend deals with the chain as well.

The professional athletic teams are just the latest entities to sever business relationships with Papa John’s, which used to be a popular chain, until Schnatter started showing his bigotry: on Friday, the University of Louisville announced it is changing the name of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium to simply Cardinal Stadium.

Schnatter was recently forced to apologize for using the N-word during a company meeting, saying it wasn’t fair that Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Colonel Sanders used the N-word and got away with it.

This occurred after Schnatter criticized Black NFL players who chose to take a knee during the national anthem.

Schnatter eventually stepped down as CEO from the company he started in 1984, but remained as chairman.

But since he is the root of the company’s P.R. troubles, and its declining profits, the brand is trying to move away from Schnatter: his image is set to be removed from ads and other promotional material, including pizza boxes.

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