Gunfire At Harpo’s Place: 7 People Shot At Nightclub That Used To Be A Barn

A South Georgia nightclub that looks like “Harpo’s Place” and was once used to store hay saw a different kind of hay being raised overnight: gunfire, and lots of it. When the violence ended, 7 people had to be taken to a Macon hospital, according to reports.

The name of the club is Studio 2.0, and its located on an isolated stretch of highway in Ashburn, a town of less than 4,000 people located about 160 miles south of Atlanta.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities.

The club was reportedly hosting an event called “County Vs. County” that called on folks from Ashburn and nearby towns including Tifton, Sylvester and Cordele to pull thru. About 150-200 people attended, but according to local media, also in the house: rival gangs.

The club’s reported promoter, Tio Davis, 36, was arrested and charged with providing alcohol to people under 21 after the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) executed search warrants inside the club, and on 3 shot-up vehicles in the patched dirt and grass parking lot Saturday.

News reports say the shootings are gang-related.

The club recently opened and reportedly did not have a liquor license yet either.

According to local residents, the building was formerly used to store hay and farming supplies and had sat empty for years, until recently being converted into a jook joint.

The town of Ashburn up until now was best known for being a major exporter of peanuts, and for its annual fire ant festival.


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