Stand By Her Man: Cardi B. Says She Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere…YET

And I Am Tellin You, I’m Not Going!! Cardi B. recently channeled Jennifer Holiday and let the world know she’s not leaving her man, Migos frontman Offset, due to him notoriously ... Continue Reading →

Kim and Cardi WHO? Nicki Minaj Is The G.O.A.T., Says Birdman

Nicki Minaj is the best that ever did it, as far as females go, and can hold her own against the dudes too. That’s what recently engaged rap mogul Birdman said in an interview ... Continue Reading →

NBA YoungBoy Held Without Bail In South Georgia Jail

Rapper NBA YoungBoy is sitting up in a south Georgia jail with no bond, charged with kidnapping and aggravated assault (family violence). He could face time in state prison if convicted. NBA ... Continue Reading →

Stacey Dash Wants To Represent Compton and Watts In Congress

Most of us could probably care less, but “Clueless” actress and outspoken conservative Republican talking head Stacey Dash is running for Congress. Dash is a familiar face ... Continue Reading →

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Mo’Nique Is To Blame For Her Own Blacklisting

Monique is starting to wear me out with this “I Hate Netflix So Let’s ALL Boycott” mess. You can’t help but feel sorry for her but…DAMN. I’m so ... Continue Reading →

Tisha Campbell Announces SPLIT From Hubby On Twitter

‘Martin’ may be coming back to TV or at the very least, Netflix. But one Martin might be missing from the mix: actress Tisha Campbell-Martin’s hubby, fellow actor ... Continue Reading →

Missouri Governor BUSTED Over Nude Pic Of His Married Side Chick; Could Face Impeachment

Another day, another politician who can’t keep his meat in his pants. This week’s accused freak is Governor Eric Greitens of Missouri, a man who vowed to crack down on ... Continue Reading →

Quincy Jones Apologizes For Spilling Tea On Dead Celebs: “I Have Learned My Lesson!”

Legendary music producer Quincy Jones has seen the error of his ways after throwing some tea on a number of dead celebrities recently. The 85 year old maestro had been puttin’ ... Continue Reading →

New Video & Music…Janelle Monae: Make Me Feel + She Talks Sexuality and Female Empowerment

New music and visuals from singer, actress and rapper Janelle Monae. Janelle dropped her third studio album, Dirty Computer, last week and “Django Jane” is one of the ... Continue Reading →

Noted Former Gun Collector T.I. Says Government Should Not Ban Guns

Atlanta rap mogul T.I. was asked to offer his two cents about the recent mass shooting in Florida in which 17 people were killed by one lone gunman who legally acquired the AR-15 ... Continue Reading →

Is Somebody Randomly Shooting At Drivers In Atlanta?

Atlanta police said the same person is behind two seemingly random shootings that took place overnight just miles away from downtown Atlanta. One driver said he was shot multiple times ... Continue Reading →

South Carolina Is Coming For Your Drawers: State Moves To Criminalize “Sagging Pants”

The State of South Carolina wants you to pull up your pants. And if you don’t, then they wanna get in your back pocket. Some South Carolina legislators are pushing a proposal ... Continue Reading →

Khia Denies Being Homophobic, Says She Was A Drag Queen In Previous Life

Khia and TS Madison are getting attention and buzz that Love And Hip Hop, The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and just about everything else on TV wish they had right about now. The show ... Continue Reading →

Wendy Takes Hiatus For Health Reasons, And Some Fans Blame Her Husband

Our Beloved Queen of Weekday Mornings, Wendy Williams, is battling Graves disease–a sometimes debilitating medical condition that causes a painful thyroid condition, among other ... Continue Reading →